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Ready to feel like your best self? With Kristin’s personalized approach, you get the tailored guidance, structure, and support you need to make your health and fitness goals a living, breathing reality.


Kristin’s personalized approach combines the best elements of yoga, fitness, and clarity-boosting mindfulness exercises to help you succeed. Concentrate on one discipline at a time or create a blend to maximize your results from the comfort and safety of home.


Mind-body exercise to help you build strength, increase flexibility, ease tension, and move harmoniously.


Tighten and tone muscle, burn calories, and increase endurance with cardio and resistance training.


Improve mental clarity, sharpen focus, and overcome stress with breathwork, relaxation, and guided meditation.


The expert guidance, care, and accountability you need to create a routine that supports your goals and wellbeing.

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Please make sure you have the necessary equipment prior to scheduling your first session. Need a different kind of lesson? Contact us to book something more specific.

What Clients Say

Cheering our growth and pushing us to do better

Kristin is at once empathetic and tough. She will keep you on track with love, humor and consistency. She has worked with us in private sessions for over two years and dealt with our whinny sorry asses, infirmities and injuries all the while cheering our growth and pushing us to do better. It boils down to this: We love her.

~ Peter M.

She's the best yoga instructor out there

I can’t say enough good things about Kristin! I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found her on thumbtack as she’s the best yoga instructor out there. She’s been working with me weekly for almost 2 years now and has helped me achieve my fitness and health goals. She is extremely smart, and tailors all sessions to my individual needs for that day. Most of all, she is very kind and genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients. There is honestly no better yoga teacher out there!

~ Kathy A.

Outstanding teacher and practitioner/student of Yoga

Kristin Lee Geiger represents those class of people who truly care and wish well for others, a virtue that many appreciate especially during the times of this devastating pandemic. Irrespective of teaching at the Yoga Studio (I have taken her classes at Yoga Shakti Studio, Irvine) or online, Kristin carries the same amount of cheerfulness, enthusiasm, care and concern to help us practice and benefit from Yoga. Needless to say, she is both an outstanding teacher and practitioner/student of Yoga and I wish her the very best to continue on this path.

~ Sridhar V.

The best yoga instructor I have ever learned from

Kristin is quite simply the best yoga instructor I have ever learned from and practiced with. She creates a welcoming environment and helps me challenge myself to discover poses that I thought were beyond me. Kristin is professional, friendly and encouraging. I have experienced immense personal growth with Kristin, and she has my highest recommendation.

~ Rahul P.

Highly professional, yet extremely personable

Kristin is the best instructor with whom I have worked. She is highly professional, yet extremely personable. She quick to notice when someone is struggling and jumps in to modify or assist. She is very aware of the medical needs of her older clients. I couldn’t be happier!

~ Joy P.

Everything is customized to our needs and requirements

When we started yoga we just wanted a few private lessons before we joined a group yoga class. Our few privates have turned into 2 years and we have no intention of stopping now. We have much more strength in our core, back and arms. Our balance is better and we are much more flexible. At the beginning of each session Kristin checks in with us to see if there is an area we want to focus on. Everything is customized to our needs and requirements.

~ Lydia M.

Fantastic, competent, customized YOGA training

KLG has provided fantastic, competent, customized YOGA training to us for several years. Kristin is a true professional who is passionate about YOGA and the benefits it provides. She is pleasant, reliable, and I highly recommend KLG YOGA for any level student at any age!!

~ Ed T.

She is a true yoga professional

Kristin is the best! She is a true yoga professional who is trained to know her participants and mindful of their needs and abilities. After practicing with Kristin for over a year I feel strong and flexible.

~ Susan H.

I recommend her teaching wholeheartedly and gladly

Kristin has been supportive, flexible (pun obviously intended), professional and friendly, careful, encouraging and consistently positive, and above all supremely skilled in her craft. I recommend her teaching wholeheartedly and gladly. (Kristin, if you’re reading this, from the bottom of my heart thank you.)

~ Jake F.

Caring and careful with us "older ladies"

Kristin has always been caring and careful with us “older ladies”. She asks about our past week, and if there is anything special we might need to work on. She works us while sitting and standing. We all have felt that we are much better off after our time with Kristin. She is a sweetheart!

~ Nancy N.

Enjoyable yet meaningful experience

Kristin is a great yoga teacher. She takes into account our health issues and tailors our sessions accordingly making them an enjoyable yet meaningful experience. Love the time we spend with this friendly and knowledgeable young woman.

~ Karen B.

Contracted amazing sequences for us

I hired Kristin for my business and transformational mindset retreat in LA for three mornings in a row. We did lots of deep subconscious work and it was incredibly important for my participants to move so that they can change their energy and integrate the shifts. Kristin did a phenomenal job recognizing what the participants need each day and contracted amazing sequences for us. And I think it’s invaluable when a practitioner really knows her craft and “feels” the room. So, it was really amazing!

~ Lydia N.

Makes you feel good all over

Wonderful way to stay flexible and relaxed each day. Makes you feel good all over including your mind!!!!

~ Christie C.

Helpful options depending on your ability

Kristin offers a class for all levels giving helpful options depending on your ability, while demonstrating her trained yoga skills. And always has time for questions and concerns.

~ Jaci T.

All levels of experience

Overall Kristin was pleasant and professional. She understood the group and planned our experience for all levels of experience.

~ Linda C.

We really enjoyed having her!

Kristin is fantastic. She guided a group of employees ranging from true beginners to practiced yogis and everyone was able to get benefit out of the class. We really enjoyed having her!

~ Melissa N.

Improve drastically

I had one on one yoga lessons with [ Kristin ] to improve balance and strength. My personal weaknesses were specifically targeted to help me overcome them and improve drastically. I had progressed more in the six private lessons of yoga than I usually would in six months. I enjoyed the challenge and appreciated the insight into where I was struggling, and learning how to overcome those particular struggles. I also enjoyed that the yoga, though physically rigorous, was also very mentally relaxing. The sessions made it very easy to lose myself in the moment and calm my mind.

~ Ed J.

Super refreshed after class

Kristin taught a great class. Got a great sweat going and felt super refreshed after class. Can’t wait for the next one!

~ Todd T.

Equipment to Support Your Success

Yoga / Exercise Mat


Yoga Strap


1-2 Blocks


1-2 Blankets


Hand Weights


Kristin Lee Geiger


Hi, I’m Kristin!

I’m a Southern California-based yoga instructor, trainer, and meditation guide on a mission to help you live a full and vibrant life with much more energy and much less stress.

I mean it! Why? Because I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum and can tell you that low energy and high stress is absolutely no way to go through life! It took a lot of trial and error, but over time I learned how to create a healthy lifestyle and balanced fitness routine that keeps me strong, energized, and motivated. Now, I’m here to help you do the same!

You deserve to feel like your best self EVERY SINGLE DAY. No exceptions! And, with a little bit of elbow grease and the right tools, I know you can. Let’s work towards the best version of you, together!