By Kristin Lee Geiger, E-RYT500 / NASM-CPT


For More Energy & Less Stress

Designed to help you make the most of
your time on the mat.

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New episodes across
six unique practices
released fresh each week,
all in 45-minutes or less

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Six Signature Floficient Practices

A specific blend of on-demand yoga, fitness, and meditation classes carefully crafted to support your wellbeing and help you live a more balanced, stress free, and active life. Fresh new episodes released each week!

Specialized Training

Straight-forward, easy-to-follow training plans to help you develop a routine of your own that is efficient, effective, and sustainable. Stick with the basics, focus on strength or endurance, or get creative!

Access to Members-only Live Classes

Practice LIVE with Kristin and the FLOFICIENT community on Zoom! Get the most out of your program with special access to STEADY Mondays and STILL Mornings, two classes reserved exclusively for members.

Kristin’s Guidance and Support

Your weekly dose of motivation! New video drops, playlists to power your workouts, training tips, live class access, and a little light-hearted encouragement, all delivered to your inbox every Monday morning!

The Floficient Formula

Get your daily boost with FLOFICIENT by Kristin Lee Geiger, an online program designed to help you feel like your best self and make mind-body exercise a manageable part of your weekly routine. FLOFICIENT combines the best elements yoga, fitness, and meditation into one easy-to-follow training regimen that’s both efficient and effective, allowing you to put your health first, even on busy days. Build strength, stamina, flexibility, mental clarity, and learn to relax deeply all in 45-minutes or less per day. With Kristin’s expert guidance and six new signature practices released each week, you’ll get the full-spectrum experience and all the tools you need to live with more energy and less stress!

Six Signature Practices For More Energy & Less Stress

Focus on Form and Stability
45 minutes

Move Seamlessly with Your Breath
45 minutes

Slow Down and Create Space
30 Minutes

Build Strength and Stamina
20 Minutes

Sweat Like You Mean It
10 Minutes

Boost Clarity & Peace of Mind
10 Minutes

Straight-Forward, Efficient, Effective, Holistic. That’s FLOFICIENT!

Practice Anytime, Anywhere

Stream From Any Device

Live Members-only Classes



Focus on Form and Stability

Practice LIVE with the FLOFICIENT community!
Led by FLOFICIENT creator Kristin Lee Geiger

Exclusively for Members | Every Monday from 5:30-6:15pm PT



Boost Clarity & Peace of Mind

Enjoy a LIVE meditation session with the FLOFICIENT community!
Led by KLG YOGA founder Kristin Lee Geiger

Exclusively for Members
Monthly on the 2nd Thursday from 8:00-8:15am PT

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Hosted The 2nd Saturday of Every Month, Live On Zoom

Recommended Equipment

Yoga Mat

Hand Weights

Yoga Strap

2 Blocks

2 Blankets

Don’t have it? No problem! Substitute with similar objects or equipment you have around the house!