Kristin, RYT500 is an Registered Yoga instructor in Southern California. She is also the creator and founder of NAVAWELL, a company that brings yoga into the workplace, community, and beyond.


 To create a lasting impact in the world that encourages positive change and ultimately leads to a better quality of life and sense of wellbeing.



Kristin is an Iowa native and grew up far removed from the yoga scene. She took her first yoga class in college as she was preparing to run her first marathon. It was not love at first Savasana like some experience. Accustomed to constantly being on the go, she found it hard to be still.  However, she kept going to class on a weekly basis to help open and relax her tired muscles.

It wasn’t until she was fully engrained in the corporate world that Kristin truly started to appreciate yoga and how it could be beneficial to her longevity. Sitting at a desk for hours on end in a NYC office left her feeling stressed, stiff, and drained. Yoga was the only thing that helped her relax, ease stiff muscles, and feel refreshed at the end of a long day. After class was over, she couldn’t wait to go back again for that same “ahh” feeling. She explored a wide variety of studios and teaching styles while living in New York, which sparked a curiosity to learn more about yoga, the philosophy behind it, and its origins. It was on her way into yet another yoga studio one day that she caught a glimpse of a flyer for Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga didn’t exactly fit in with her chosen career path, but she couldn’t seem to forget the flyer or the idea of delving deeper into yoga philosophy. She started to notice how much stress was beginning to impact her health and work was starting to impact her life in ways she didn’t like. As she realized how important yoga was in helping her decompress and stay grounded, she felt the need to share it with others. It was that realization that took teacher training from idea to reality. She was determined to learn more about yoga and use it as a tool to help others stay healthy while balancing  life and work. On the very same day she moved California, Kristin sat down in a yoga studio, started her yoga training, and has been fully enamored with yoga and teaching ever since.

Kristin is as much a lifetime learner as she is a teacher. She continues to practice and study in the vast world of yoga to further internalize and understand its teachings on a deeper level. It is through her experiences as a practitioner that she brings insight to her students to make yoga, and its concepts, more digestible. She loves working with students of all ages and abilities to help them advance their practice in their own time. Her goals are to facilitate personal growth through practice, help her students become more aware both externally and internally, and over time, start to apply their observations from the mat in everyday life. She hopes, that through yoga, her students can become more mindful through their daily interactions and ultimately practice, live, and work more harmoniously. It is within this intersection, that longevity and resiliency can manifest and compassion for others can take hold.



 RYT 500 Through The Yoga Alliance


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